3.2.4. Continuing a run from restart files

All of the information that CTSM and LILAC need to continue a run from restart files is given in the restart files themselves. No namelist changes need to be made (other than whatever is needed in the host atmosphere model), but the starttype_in argument to the lilac_init2 subroutine call from the atmosphere model will need to be changed to “continue” rather than “startup”.

CTSM and LILAC use rpointer files to indicate the specific restart files that should be read. These files, rpointer.lnd and rpointer.lilac, are one-line text files that simply specify the name of the respective restart files. When restart files are written (according to the write_restarts_now argument to the lilac_run subroutine), these rpointer files are updated to point to the latest set of restarts.

If you want to restart from the latest set of restart files, the rpointer files should already be set up to facilitate this. However, if you want to restart from an earlier set of restarts, you can simply edit rpointer.lnd and rpointer.lilac to point to the appropriate restart files.


Be sure that the rpointer.lnd and rpointer.lilac files point to restart files from the same time as each other, and from the same time as the atmosphere model’s restart time.