1.7.4. Examples of using PTCLMmkdata

Now let’s give a few more complex examples using some of the options we have discussed above.

Now, let’s demonstrate using a different group list, doing a spinup, running with Qian global forcing data, but using tower years to set the years to run over. This uses the options: sitegroupname, useQIAN, and QIANtower_years. Example: Running PTCLMmkdata without tower years

> cd $CTSMROOT/tools/PTCLM
> ./PTCLMmkdata -s US-Ha1 -d $CSMDATA --sitegroupname AmeriFlux --donot_use_tower_yrs
> cd ../../../../../US-Ha1_ICRUCLM45BGC_QIAN
# Now build and run normally

Finally, let’s demonstrate using a generic machine (which then requires the scratchroot option), using the global grid for PFT and soil types, and setting the run length to two months. Example: Running PTCLMmkdata with global PFT and soil types dataset

> cd $CTSMROOT/tools/PTCLM
# Note, see the the Section called Converting AmeriFlux Data for use by PTCLMmkdata with permission information
# to use the US-UMB data.
> ./PTCLMmkdata -s US-UMB -d $CSMDATA --pftgrid --soilgrid
> cd ../../../../../US-UMB_ICRUCLM45BGC