1.5.2. Running the prognostic crop model

The prognostic crop model is setup to work with CLM4.0, CLM4.5 or CLM5.0 with either BGC or CN (with or without DV). In order to use the initial condition file, we need to set the RUN_TYPE to startup rather than hybrid since the compset for f19 sets up to use an initial condition file without crop active. To activate the crop model you can choose a compset that has “Crop” in the name such as “I1850Clm50BgcCropCru” or simply add “-crop” to CLM_BLDNML_OPTS (or for CLM4.0 add “-crop on” to CLM_CONFIG_OPTS). Example: Crop Simulation

> cd scripts
> ./create_newcase -case CROP -res f19_g17_gl4 -compset I1850Clm50BgcCropCru
> cd CROP

> ./case.setup

# Now build and run normally
> ./case.build
> ./case.submit