1.5.3. Running with irrigation

In CLM4.0 irrigation isn’t an allowed option. In CLM4.5 irrigation can ONLY be used WITH crop. With CLM5.0 irrigation can be used whether crop is on or not – BUT if crop is off, your surface datasets HAVE to have irrigation defined appropriately. Right now ALL surface datasets without crop enabled have irrigation hard-wired on. In order to create datasets with irrigation off, you’d need to make changes to mksurfdata_map in order to have all generic crops to be non-irrigated. To turn on irrigation in CLM5.0 we simply add “-irrig on” to CLM_BLDNML_OPTS. Example: Irrigation Simulation

# Note here we do a CLMSP simulation as that is what has been validated
> cd scripts
> ./create_newcase -case IRRIG -res f19_g17_gl4 -compset I1850Clm50BgcCrop
> cd IRRIG

# Append "-irrig on" to CLM_BLDNML_OPTS in env_run.xml (you could also use an editor)
> ./xmlchange CLM_BLDNML_OPTS="-irrig on" -append

> ./case.setup

# Now build and run normally
> ./case.build
> ./case.submit