1.3.7. Creating CLM domain files

gen_domain to create a domain file for datm from a mapping file. gen_domain is a tool that is a part of CIME. The domain file is then used by BOTH DATM AND CLM to define the grid and land-mask. The general data flow is shown in two figures. Figure 1.3.1 shows the general flow for a general global case (or for a regional grid that DOES include ocean). Figure 1.3.5 shows the use of mknoocnmap.pl (see the Section called Using mknocnmap.pl to create grid and maps for single-point regional grids) to create a regional or single-point map file that is then run through gen_domain to create the domain file for it. As stated before Figure 1.3.3 is the legend for both of these figures. See the $CIMEROOT/tools/mapping/gen_domain_files/README file for more help on gen_domain.

Here we create domain files for a regular global domain. Global Domain file creation


Figure 1.3.4 Global Domain file creation

Starting from SCRIP grid files for both your atmosphere and ocean, you use $CIMEROOT/tools/mapping/gen_mapping_files/gen_cesm_maps.sh to create a mapping file between the atmosphere and ocean. That mapping file is then used as input to gen_domain to create output domain files for both atmosphere and ocean. The atmosphere domain file is then used by both CLM and DATM for I compsets, while the ocean domain file is ignored. For this process you have to define your SCRIP grid files on your own. For a regional or single-point case that doesn’t include ocean see Figure 1.3.5. (See Figure 1.3.4 for the legend for this figure.)

Note, that the SCRIP grid file used to start this process, is also used in mkmapdata.sh (see the Section called Creating mapping files that mksurfdata_map will use). Next we create domain files for a single-point or regional domain. Domain file creation using mknoocnmap.pl


Figure 1.3.5 Domain file creation using mknoocnmap.pl

For a regular latitude/longitude grid that can be used for regional or single point simulations – you can use mknoocnmap.pl. It creates a SCRIP grid file that can then be used as input to mkmapdata.sh as well as a SCRIP mapping file that is then input to gen_domain. The output of gen_domain is a atmosphere domain file used by both CLM and DATM and a ocean domain file that is ignored. (See Figure 1.3.5 for the legend for this figure.)

In this case the process creates both SCRIP grid files to be used by mkmapdata.sh as well as the domain files that will be used by both CLM and DATM.